Encourage your earthly happiness and beneficial Feng Shui energy within your home.


For that you need:

a) a compass and a pen

b) a plan of the home




Step 1: Determine the centre of the apartment or house.

Step 2: From the centre of the apartment or house, identify the orientation of other areas by means of compass and indicate the findings on the plan.

Step 3: From the centre of the apartment or house, measure the required degrees (see the proposed dates and degrees), extend your hand and point to the areas that fall within the required degrees. On this day, these are the most beneficial areas of your home.

Step 4: Go to the last wall of the marked area and activate this area in the required time by cleaning up, moving furniture or renovating.








Check the location of your ENTRANCE and BEDROOM in 2015 and find out what kind of Feng Shui energy you will enjoy this year. Place yourself in the centre of your apartment or house, and by means of compass accurately identify the location of the front door and the bed. Check where you sleep and where your front door is.


Check where you sleep and where your front door is.


Southwest Feng Shui area of your home (202–247 degrees on the compass): If your front door or rooms where you spend a lot of time are in the southwest, you will generally enjoy positive and happy events, such as promotions, new ventures, beginnings and celebrations. Also the most suitable area for couples who are contemplating marriage or children.

Spend a lot of time in this space, if you want to be recognised or be the centre of attention.


West Feng Shui area of your home (247–292 degrees on the compass): As here is the most unfavourable effect of the year, you are advised to spend time in this part of the home as little as possible, and this is not the place where to renovate, drill or destroy, since unfavourable energy will be awakened.


Northwest Feng Shui area of your home (292–337 degrees on the compass): This area brings academic success; it enables better learning and understanding. If you want to upgrade or start a new romantic relationship, then enjoy as much time as possible in this area. Also spend time here, if you want to travel.


North Feng Shui area of your home (22–337 degrees on the compass): This is the "wealth sector" in 2015. Frequent use of the front door or this room will bring financial rewards and career advancement. If your front door is not located here, you can also activate the "wealth sector" on the auspicious day by placing here the TV set, radio, fan or an aquarium without the cover (open water) to encourage the flow of positive energy.


Northeast Feng Shui area of your home (22–67 degrees on the compass): This area is very favourable and encouraging if you want your work and efforts to be noticed, recognised and rewarded. If you need any "help" in climbing up the corporate ladder, you need to spend more time in this area. If your front door or entrance is located northeast, this year you will awaken and strengthen the networking ability and influence in the workplace.


East Feng Shui area of your home (67–112 degrees on the compass): This area will support your wealth and career, and there will be a positive impact on business trips. The eastern part of the home provides support for all couples who are contemplating marriage or conceiving a child. If you spend much time here, you will come to life and underscore your philosophical views, research and writing skills.


Centre of housing (start position of measurements with a compass): This year will be a year of rapid changes and innovation, risk events and activities. You will have a tendency to embrace something new, hastily. Because of impatience, there will be much more quarrels. Such changes require some sort of pain before we can enjoy benefits. Like childbirth, first experiencing pain and screaming, then pure joy at the arrival of a new member.


Southeast Feng Shui area of your home (112–157 degrees on the compass): This area is marked by a star that brings disease; spending a lot of time here, especially for sick people and pregnant women, is not recommended. On the positive Feng Shui day, place here a piece of metal to reduce the adverse impact.


South Feng Shui area of your home (157–202 degrees on the compass): You will be blessed with career advancement or success in school, a year of operation, resolving obstacles, responsibility and performance. If you are sick, do not spend a lot of time here. If your front door is here, secure home against theft.






When we find ourselves at the right time in the right place, an opportunity arises. Success is ensured if we perform work and are active.


Choosing a favourable date refers to the search for the most favourable time for your important event, such as:


- founding a company,

- presenting a new product,

- signing a contract,

- beginning of the meeting,

- wedding,

- moving...

Make sure that the positive energy of time and space CONNECTS WITH YOU and result in better outcome for your situation, project and event, and achieve the purpose and objective set.


Service of providing your favourable date for a specific purpose and the person amounts to 150 EUR, together with Feng Shui activation 250 EUR.


You can order your favourable date on email:



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Dušan Donko


Since early childhood he was interested in finding the source of true power, self-cultivation and the way of self-accomplishment. The path of discovering the truth, meaning and purpose of life has brought him to Daoism and its understanding of the Qi flow in a human being, nature and the universe. 


In 2001 he founded, together with his life companion, Bernarda Pavič The association for strengthening body, mind and spirit, Tao In along with the School of Life and Eternal Youth, where he continuously transfers his abundant knowledge to all who wants to complement their life force, health or spiritual vitality and to all who want to learn about Daoist wisdom of natural law.


In 2007 he became a close disciple of Wudang grandmaster You Xuande, a leader of 15. Generation of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai, well respected Daoist School of internal martial arts. In 2013 he founded Slovenian Taoist association, Taoas. Till 2009 he attended all study programs on Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and significantly improved his teaching and counseling skills.

Today he is an acknowledged Instructor for all five branches of Dao metaphysical studies:

- mountain (Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Dao Yin, Nei Gong, Fang Zhong),

- medicine (Daoist self-healing methods, traditional Daoist medicine, nutrition and herbalism),

- destiny (Ba Zi, Zi Wei do Shu astrology),

- physiognomy (Feng Shui, Mian Xiang – face reading, Shen Xiang - body reading, palmistry) and

- divination (Xuan Kong, Yijing).


Till this day he remains a passionate Student of Life who creates new programs.


In the past two years he co-wrote two books; Simply: Healthy and Simple solutions for 108 diseases, three Dao annual almanac for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Currently he is working on establishing the first advanced Bazi calculator for personal date selection and lucky dates, he is engaged in making of online study programs and one of a kind Feng Shui excursions where students can experience true Feng Shui treasures such as dragon nest and valuable sources of energy in nature along with some elements of Daoist self-cultivation and self-improvement. 


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