In 2015, two mutually conflicting energies, wood and earth, will meet. It is therefore expected that, on the one hand, wood will encourage us to embrace new challenges, change, breaking taboos and restrictions, and earth, on the other hand, will promote stability, moderation and harmonious operation.


The main symbol of the wooden goat is wood, soft like a flower, a soft branch, grass or vines. Soft wood is distinguished by the ability to adapt to circumstances. However, goat also contains the element of fire, which is the interface between conflicting elements, so any disagreements and quarrels will be resolved with a hint of optimism, adaptation and moderation. In general, 2015 brings hope for a cessation of hostilities, and we will be filled with the energy of peace and constructive reconciliation. Anyone who will perform with aggression and violence can expect to be defeated by strategy and common sense, since in the year of the goat mental abilities will be encouraged, thus enabling us to overcome brute forces.


In general, economy will recover and most of the companies which had already implemented the necessary changes or developed innovations will no longer be in recession by the end of 2015. In the first half of the year, it is necessary to ensure that all debts are repaid, and in the second half of the year we will be rewarded for new measures introduced.


Most incentives are provided by makers in industries that create growth and progress, i.e. innovators, pioneers, revolutionaries, development departments, consultants, teachers, artists, woodworking, forestry, fashion and textile industry, aviation, as well as healers, astrologers, astronomers, scientists, ecologists, environmentalists, stock market, economics, athletes, entertainers. In 2015, the support previously given to the old, inoperative patterns, systems and structures will be offered to opportunities and expansions of new and creative solutions, innovations and ideas. We can expect new records, breaking borders and important astronomical discoveries.


Children born in this year will exhibit specific innate skills, talents, knowledge and high consciousness that will shape the future fate of our planet.






The motto of the year: "I believe in the good of mankind."

2015 will be the year of hope and faith in humanity and the predominance of good.

The basic atmosphere in 2015 will be a combination of enthusiasm and optimism, moderation and kindness, inspiration and compassion, harmony and willingness to compromise.

The year of the goat will spread over mankind a cloud of calm and tranquillity, so we will easily give up the call to violence, warfare and war. The goat will bring the energy of peace to the people who will have the opportunity to look into their heart, to break the past passion and greed, and to see the path that leads to harmony and well-being of all. Balance and social harmony are effective tools that break down the desire for destruction. The goat acts as an emissary of peaceful communication and compromise that can transform the aggression and rage to understanding and sophisticated communication. When people have a quiet heart, they are able to let go of a desire for violence and join the path of peacefulness. This is a time for healing and nurturing of relations. At the family level, this is the time when we need to unify and operate in a disciplined and loyal way. All who sincerely trust in the goodness, happiness, prosperity and success will be rewarded in 2015.


Challenge of the year will also be relationships, requiring intelligently combining the unstoppable desire for experiencing something new and daring with the need for a safety and stability. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to spice up your relationship with new ideas and capacities for fun, play and crazy adventures.


Test the limits of your talent(s) and surprise your partner, you will come out as the big winner, if not a hero. Do something that you can really be proud of. Enthusiastic mood will help attract other favourable situations and opportunities. Your ability for fast action and adaptability will be of key importance. At the same time, you have to be aware that enthusiasm can not be sustained forever, and that you have to take some time to regenerate.


At this time, offer to your partner a safe and peaceful cohabitation.

Indulge in your creativity and enjoy the simplicity and spontaneity of each moment. Caring for others should be enriched with a loving shelter, compassion, understanding and love.



The ruling elements: WOOD, EARTH and FIRE

Elements that will govern the year of 2015 are wood, earth and fire.

In the year of wood goat, wood will be much more flexible and adaptable than wood (dry tree) in the last year, i.e. year of the wooden horse. The difference is similar to the difference between the flexibility of flowers and trees. A flower or grass is much more flexible than a tree. Therefore, in 2015, we will be much more lenient and willing to compromise. A hallmark of yin wood is also ingenuity and ability to achieve the objectives set in many ways, so do not restrict yourself in your search for a path to a solution.


The second element that will define 2015 is earth, so we can expect developments in relation to the earth, such as natural landslides, earthquakes, demolition and formation of the earth...

Lack of water predicts dry soil, which can cause strong winds, droughts, forest fires and changes in the weather. On the other hand, the year of the goat provides an opportunity for better links to our planet. Perhaps the increased pollution and environmental disasters will remind us that it is time to be aware of the structure of the Mother Nature and find a solution in this respect, i.e. moderation. Goat usually proposes simplifying and combining the good so as to overcome the destruction and evil.

The third element that will mark 2015 is fire, as it will promote civility, politeness, courtesy, and balance of the supervisory relationship between wood and earth.







Spleen, stomach, pancreas and liver will be the most exposed body parts the in the next year. Symptoms caused by an imbalance or weakness in the organs can invade muscles (spasms), cells (cancer), small bones (fingers, hypothermia limbs), stomach and intestines. Due to the lack of the element of water in 2015, kidneys, immune system, spine, neck and spinal cord will be more exposed to the vulnerability. Due to unhealthy diets, there may be increased problems with obesity, swelling and diabetes.

If you are already facing the abovementioned problems and sleep in a room located in the south-eastern or western part of the house or apartment, it is recommended to move your bed to another, more convenient room.







In 2015, the most exposed vital organs will be spleen, stomach, pancreas and liver.

It is therefore recommended to consume liver-soothing, stomach-moisturising and spleen-strengthening food.

Recommended foods: black beans, soybeans, tofu (soy cheese), mung beans, yam, water chestnuts, peas, artichokes, pumpkin, celery, spinach, daikon radish, cabbage, millet, oats, amaranth, quinoa, lentils, bran, chicken, turkey, fish, egg white, unsweetened low-fat yogurt, seeds, kernels, nuts, olive oil, linseed oil, coconut oil, dandelion (including stems) and fresh berries.

If you have any problems with the spleen, pancreas and liver, anxiety, nervousness, poor digestion, thirst, fluctuations in blood sugar, it is strongly recommended to consume at least one food per meal from the list above.

Avoid hot, spicy and fried foods; strong spices, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, white sugar and carbonated drinks, stress, strong emotions, excessive work and concerns.





Spleen, stomach, pancreas and liver will be the body parts the most exposed in the next year. Symptoms caused by an imbalance or weakness in the organs can invade muscles (spasms), cells (cancer), small bones (fingers, hypothermia limbs), stomach and intestines. The lack of the element of water in 2015 also draws attention to the vulnerability of the kidneys, immune system, spine, neck and spinal cord. Due to unhealthy diets, there may be increased problems with obesity, swelling and diabetes.

If you are already facing the abovementioned problems and sleep in a room located in the south-eastern or western area of the house or apartment, it is recommended to move your bed to another, more convenient room.











RAT: This year you have to perform a lot of tasks, but not wait until the last minute. Because changes and adventures are always nearby, communicate, expect the unexpected, and stay focused and awake. The second half of the year will be better than the first one.




BUFFALO: Thanks to a positive attitude and patience, you will be able to minimise any possible complications and unexpected changes, and you will be rewarded at the end of the year. Love will brighten your life.




TIGER: This year will be a positive and productive year in terms of career, health, family and love. Step up to the people and you will enjoy their support. Be careful with your finances.




RABBIT: This year will be a year of happiness and well-being. There will be new beginnings and you will be able to achieve a lot. Because of discipline and attention to detail, you will be even more successful.




DRAGON: Balance the success in your career with family activities and health concerns. Complete projects already started and collect resources, rather than consuming them.




SNAKE: Confidence and focus will take you to your destination. Take the opportunity and travel abroad. This year, save some money. Overall, your health will be good and stable.




HORSE: This will be your year in which you can realize your dreams. Opportunities are just outside your doors, and you will easily overcome any obstacles. Control costs and expenses, and do not neglect your health.




GOAT: A favourable year for career success and family activities. Be respectful, humble and practical, and you will benefit from a financial surplus at the end of the year.




MONKEY: Excellent year for you! Be the best you can be, you will also be blessed with the support of favourable stars. Sufficient amount of discipline, effort and clear plans will ensure that you enjoy the fruits of your labour during the entire year.




COCK: Set a precise goal, define the steps and make the effort to succeed. In love, you will be accompanied by a lucky star.




DOG: This year, take advantage of your lucky star for love, money and family life. In your career, perform with intelligence and less emotions. Overall, your health will be solid.



Copyright: Dušan Donko, Bernarda Pavič, www.taosvet.si



Dušan Donko


Since early childhood he was interested in finding the source of true power, self-cultivation and the way of self-accomplishment. The path of discovering the truth, meaning and purpose of life has brought him to Daoism and its understanding of the Qi flow in a human being, nature and the universe. 


In 2001 he founded, together with his life companion, Bernarda Pavič The association for strengthening body, mind and spirit, Tao In along with the School of Life and Eternal Youth, where he continuously transfers his abundant knowledge to all who wants to complement their life force, health or spiritual vitality and to all who want to learn about Daoist wisdom of natural law.


In 2007 he became a close disciple of Wudang grandmaster You Xuande, a leader of 15. Generation of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai, well respected Daoist School of internal martial arts. In 2013 he founded Slovenian Taoist association, Taoas. Till 2009 he attended all study programs on Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and significantly improved his teaching and counseling skills.

Today he is an acknowledged Instructor for all five branches of Dao metaphysical studies: 

- mountain (Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Dao Yin, Nei Gong, Fang Zhong), 

- medicine (Daoist self-healing methods, traditional Daoist medicine, nutrition and herbalism), 

- destiny (Ba Zi, Zi Wei do Shu astrology), 

- physiognomy (Feng Shui, Mian Xiang – face reading, Shen Xiang - body reading, palmistry) and

- divination (Xuan Kong, Yijing).


Till this day he remains a passionate Student of Life who creates new programs. 


In the past two years he co-wrote two books; Simply: Healthy and Simple solutions for 108 diseases, three Dao annual almanac for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015. 


Currently he is working on establishing the first advanced Bazi calculator for personal date selection and lucky dates, he is engaged in making of online study programs and one of a kind Feng Shui excursions where students can experience true Feng Shui treasures such as dragon nest and valuable sources of energy in nature along with some elements of Daoist self-cultivation and self-improvement. 






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